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Elevating the Donor Experience: Why You Need AI to Solve Your Alumni Engagement Problems
A lack of meaningful engagement has a short and long-term impact on your fundraising success. To truly engage your alumni and unlock their giving potential, you have to speak to them as individuals, tapping into their interests at the right time with relevant outreach. But how can you do that at scale and in a way that feels completely personalized to your audience? AI and machine learning now have the power to deliver an authentic and personal experience to create true 1:1 digital engagement with alumni and donors.
Watch this webinar to learn how an AI-powered platform can solve your alumni engagement problems. This second webinar in a four-part series on Elevating the Donor Experience covers:
  • How AI and machine learning that uses social and institutional data can deliver analytics on your alumni’s interests and curate content aligned with those interests automatically
  • Effective and proven engagement strategies for donors that are hyper-personalized with curated content and calls to action in coordinated omnichannel campaigns
  • Strategies for prescribing optimal actions for engaging alumni and donors across channels through strategic insights
Watch this webinar to hear how to create new opportunities for integrated, omnichannel communications that deliver personalization at scale and deepen the level of donor engagement.

Missed part one of the Elevating the Donor Experience webinar series? Watch it on-demand now.
About the presenters

Josh Robertson, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, RNL
Josh Robertson oversees the development of new and enhanced services based on evolving industry needs. He has extensive annual giving experience related to data integrity, integrated multichannel strategies, and analytics.

Nick Zeckets, CEO + Co-Founder, QuadWrangle
Nick is a product driven growth leader with experience at the executive leadership level for large publicly traded companies as well as being the founder and CEO of QuadWrangle, the leading AI and MarTech solution in Education. Key areas of focus are on product:market fit, philanthropy, AI, marketing and sales strategy, corporate data and insights strategy, and team development.
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