RNL's Senior Executive Team is Here for You During these Unprecedented Times
College's and University's enrollment management strategies have been completely disrupted and we suspect this disruption may cause some permanent shifts in the higher education industry. RNL's mission is to serve higher education; our senior executive team stands ready to support University leaders during and is available for complimentary consultations with campus presidents, CFO's provosts, and vice president's for enrollment. We've made this team available to university leaders to use a sounding board as well as to discuss what universities should be thinking about and planning for in the short-term and long-term.

This team brings a unique perspective and has over 100 combined years of higher education experience. They've served as senior leaders on college and university campuses, partnered with over 1,500 campuses to help them achieve enrollment and fiscal goals, served as advisors to executive teams and boards, as well as being leading thought leaders in the industry. They've helped countless institutions through both good and challenging times.

if you are interested in learning more about the current environment and how a RNL Analysis can assist you, please email [email protected].

We've listed some additional resources below that you may find valuable as you navigate this challenging time.

Watch our online panels on COVID-19 and higher education:

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