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RNL Re-Enrollment for Student Success
Boost enrollment and retention by re-engaging “lost” students
RNL Re-Enrollment for Student Success gives you a powerful way to engage students who would otherwise be “lost”—those who do not register for classes or have withdrawn. This solution creates a multichannel campaign to bring these students back into your class.
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  • CONNECT ACROSS MULTIPLE CHANNELS through phone, email, and surveys that assess why students left. Multiple points of contact mean more chances to connect and engage.
  • PERSONALIZE PERSISTENCE with student survey data that provide personalized outreach as early as the next day. You can use students’ own responses to call them back to campus.
  • INCREASE RETENTION RATES, enrollment yield, net revenue, and graduation rates as you rescue more students from withdrawing.
  • KNOW WHAT YOUR STUDENTS ARE THINKING ABOUT RE-ENROLLING by gaining real-time attitudinal data to qualify and engage them through video
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