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Engage international students through data-driven insights and culturally intelligent, personalized multichannel communication
Although the current environment has seen a flattening in international student enrollment, growth is expected in the coming years. More importantly, competition for these students will increase.
How do you maximize engagement with international students in order to turn interest into inquiries into applicants into enrollments? Request a tour to discover how RNL International Student Recruitment enables you to:
  • AMPLIFY STUDENT ENGAGEMENT using attitudinal data based on their own interests and preferences—as well as institutional fit—that you shape communications to address their specific needs, goals, and concerns.
  • DELIVER CULTURALLY INTELLIGENT MESSAGES via students’ preferred communication methods—including digital geo-targeting, extensive email, and multilingual phone outreach in their timezone.
  • TURN INSIGHTS INTO ACTION through advanced analytics that inform your digital strategy and assess the effectiveness of your recruitment channels.
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