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RNL Adult, Online, and Graduate Enrollment Solutions
Drive enrollment with precise personalization and multichannel marketing that resonates with these growing populations
“Traditional” enrollment is becoming increasingly nontraditional. As the flow of traditional-aged college students slows, campuses are increasingly looking to enroll adults and distance learners.
RNL Adult, Online, and Graduate Enrollment Solutions deliver advanced analytics, tools, and strategies that are tuned for the nontraditional population to drive enrollments. Contact us for a guided tour to see how these solutions enable you to:
  • GENERATE QUALIFIED LEADS and maximize your pool with new audiences through digital lead generation (location-based digital marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing) and with identified audiences through high-touch engagement (list-based opportunities).
  • CREATE RESPONSIVE ENGAGEMENT through student attitudinal data and behavioral modeling that personalize each touchpoint using the students’ own interests and preferences. You’ll show students that you are listening and responding to their unique needs.
  • DEPLOY MULTICHANNEL MARKETING that reaches students in every channel they use: digital, social, and web along with email, mail, and phone. You won’t miss an opportunity to connect.
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