2019 Report
National Freshman Motivation to Complete College
Read about the challenges and opportunities for college freshmen, based on a nationwide study of 95,000 students
As college freshmen come to campus, they have been exposed to many mixed messages about whether college is “worth it”—from the media and public figures, to parents, to peers. There have also been significant changes in demographics, economics, college preparedness, and other key areas that may be influencing how college freshmen anticipate the college experience. How have these changes shifted student attitudes and motivations toward earning a college degree?
The 2019 National Freshman Motivation to Complete College Report examines that question by tracking trends in freshman attitudes. This year’s report looks at key issues such as:
  • The top needs of college freshmen as they begin their academic careers—and if they are receiving the assistance they need by mid-year
  • Shifts in the motivations and attitudes of college freshmen in the last five years
  • How motivations and attitudes vary for adult learners and students of color
  • What campuses can do to build a success plan for college freshmen
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