2018 Report
National Student Satisfaction and Priorities
New nationwide data show which student demographic subpopulations feel their experiences could be improved
What’s satisfying and dissatisfying to today’s college students? Which student populations are more satisfied with their experience than others? Explore specific areas of higher and lower college student satisfaction, rated by more than 614,000 traditional-age, adult, and online learners attending nearly 900 two-year and four-year, public and private institutions.
Included in this report:
  • Students’ overall satisfaction levels, reported separately for two-year and four-year, public and private institutions, as well as for nontraditional adult undergraduates, graduate students, and online learners
  • Summary satisfaction for separate demographic populations including gender, age, race/ethnicity, class level, employment status, and other variables
  • A focus on the power of the perception of institutional choice on overall satisfaction and suggestions for influencing this indicator
The survey instruments used for this study were the RNL Student Satisfaction Inventory™, the RNL Adult Student Priorities Survey™, and the RNL Priorities Survey for Online Learners™. Students completed the surveys over a three-year period, 2015-18. Learn more about RNL Satisfaction-Priorities Surveys and how you can gather similar data from your students. 
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