2018 Report
Marketing and Student Recruitment Report of Effective Practices
What’s working in higher ed marketing and student recruitment?
This report, featuring data and insights from over 115 campus professionals, reveals which strategies are the most effective for engaging new populations and renewing your relationships with students who are tired of getting “the same old thing.”
Download your copy to discover they keys to greater engagement with high school junior and seniors. Highlights from the report include:
  • Approximately one in five private respondents and four out of 10 public respondents were not using text messaging. These institutions should give students the opportunity to provide cell numbers and opt in.
  • Digital advertising was popular in 2018 for both first contact with prospective students and for follow-up contact with non-responders, but institutions still have opportunities to engage through re-targeting and digital tracking.
  • More expensive forms of traditional media such as outdoor advertising, radio, and print advertising are still widely used despite not being rated as effectively. 
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