Advancement Leaders Speak 2018:
The Future of Higher Education Fundraising Campaigns
How will fundraisers meet increased expectations?
Ruffalo Noel Levitz recently conducted a study of 600 fundraising professionals to reveal what’s working—and what needs to change—in today’s higher education campaigns. What they said shows that big campaigns are only growing larger, but institutions need to change how they support them to be successful in the years to come.

Download this report to learn how your peers view campaign planning, resources, and effectiveness. You'll discover:
  • Top campaign priorities, how fundraisers want to spend their time in campaigns, and how campaigns are changing
  • Average campaign lengths and budgets
  • What fundraisers plan to do to increase productivity, take advantage of new channels, and reach more new donors
  • How colleges and universities can focus efforts to see a better return on investment of campaign resources
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