2018 Report
Cost of Recruiting
an Undergraduate Student
How much are you spending on marketing and recruitment compared to your peers?
Download this report to discover how much institutions are spending on marketing and recruitment compared to their peers, including key benchmarks for return-on-investment, budgeting, resource allocations, recruiting transfer and international students, and more. The report provides separate findings for private vs. public institutions and includes recommendations on how to use the information to evaluate spending. 

Among the findings:
  • Four-year private institutions spend 3x more than four-year public institutions to recruit a single student.
  • Nearly one in three four-year privates said they had a budget decrease for the 2017-18 year, compared to just 7 percent of four-year publics.
  • While 61 percent of public institutions said their allocations for traditional marketing would remain the same, nearly 1 in 4 publics said it would decrease. Contrast that with 61 percent of campuses saying their digital marketing would increase.
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