2017 Research Report
Effective Practices for Student Success, Retention, and Completion
Effectiveness ratings for 28 tactics, 30 management practices, and 13 population-specific programs
Download this report and view this infographic for ratings of effective practices used to improve student success, retention, and completion, based on an RNL electronic poll of undergraduate officials at U.S. colleges and universities in June of 2017. The report includes:
  • Effectiveness rankings for 28 general strategies and tactics, such as one-on-one advising by professional staff and giving students practical work experiences in their desired major
  • Quality ratings for three leadership practices, such as the use of a committee and a written plan to guide efforts for student success/retention/completion
  • Effectiveness ratings for 13 population-specific programs, such as programs for under-represented students and honor students
The ratings are provided separately for four-year private institutions, four-year public institutions, and two-year public institutions.
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