Advancement Leaders Speak 2017
Digital Tactics and Young Alumni Engagement Strategies
What’s working today in digital fundraising and Millennial donor engagement?
Millennial and young donor engagement is crucial to a successful fundraising strategy. However, young alumni giving is flat or decreasing at a majority of institutions, indicating that fundraisers need a fresh approach to engaging this donor population.
This report examines the use of emerging digital tactics by today’s fundraisers, along with fundraisers’ strategies for engaging the Millennial generation and younger donors in general. Key findings include:
  • 81% of the higher education fundraisers in this study solicited young alumni within one year of graduation, after an average of only three engagement communications
  • Only 3% of respondents reported personalizing their messaging based on recent online activity from the donor
  • Crowdfunding and giving days rank highest for new donor acquisition
  • Three-quarters of fundraisers feel that digital communications are effective
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