2016 E-Expectations Trend Report
Examining Transitions From Junior to Senior Year
Key findings and recommendations to help you shape and optimize your online strategy
This 2016 E-Expectations report from Ruffalo Noel Levitz, OmniUpdate, CollegeWeekLive, and NRCCUA examines the differences in how college-bound students used the digital tools at their disposal from the spring of their junior year to the fall and spring of their senior year.
As we analyze how student perspective changes over time, this report is divided into four sections reflecting the stages of a student’s consideration:
  • DISCOVERY: how students learn about colleges and universities in developing their list
  • EXPLORATION: what types of information they seek in researching potential schools
  • INTERACTION: how students “raise their hands” online and request interaction with potential schools
  • ENGAGEMENT: how they seek to have institutions engage and inform them
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