Benchmark Report
2016 Marketing and Student Recruitment Practices
What’s working in undergraduate student recruitment and marketing?
Download this report for rankings of 80 practices for undergraduate student recruitment and marketing based on a November 2015 poll of campus officials at four-year colleges and universities. Findings are reported separately for private vs. public institutions. Ratings are included for event marketing, advertising, print communications, student search practices, digital marketing, internal operations, planning practices, and much more.

Among the findings:
  • Many undergraduate officials now give even higher marks to text messaging than email.
  • Respondents rated online ads higher, but generally rated advertising lower, than 30 other practices.
  • Learn the most popular times for purchasing high school student names from list vendors such as NRCCUA, The College Board, and ACT.
  • See how respondents planned to respond to the federal government’s new FAFSA rules, commonly known as “Prior Prior Year.”
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