RNL Insights: Senior Executive Analysis
The High Stakes Development Dilemma in Higher Education
What are the emerging fundraising trends and strategies that higher education leaders and trustees need to know?
Fundraising plays an increasingly vital role in the fiscal health and institutional mission of colleges and universities. Yet there are critical college fundraising trends impacting donor participation, communication, and engagement—trends higher education leaders and trustees need to know and address.

Read this RNL Insights: Senior Executive Analysis to explore:
  • 5 key college fundraising trends altering the way institutions communicate with donors and cultivate lifelong relationships.
  • The emerging strategies colleges and universities are already using to address these trends and chart a course toward healthy development.
  • Critical topics in fundraising management: Donor engagement, communicating with Gen X and Millennial donors, personalized and peer-to-peer giving, breaking down fundraising silos, and more.
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