Benchmark Report
2014 Recruitment Funnel Benchmarks
Includes an update on secret shopping and new rankings of admissions criteria
Download this report to compare and more accurately forecast prospective student enrollment behavior using the latest research into recruitment funnel conversion and yield rates for particular student groups such as in-state vs. out-of-state FTIC (first-time-in-college) students, campus visitors, and transfer students. The report is based on a poll of college and university enrollment officials in October 2014.

Among the highlights:
  • The highest median yield rate in fall 2014—59 percent—was for new, full-time transfer students at four-year public institutions. This compared to 50 percent for transfer students at four-year private institutions; 36 percent for full-time FTIC students at four-year public institutions; and 26 percent for FTIC students at four-year private institutions.
  • The popular “secret shopper” applicant phenomenon is still going strong among full-time FTIC and transfer students at both private and public institutions, reaching a new record high of 36 percent for FTIC students at private institutions and matching a previous record high of 35 percent for FTIC students at public institutions.
Included in the report are yield rates for paper applicants vs. online applicants, the proportions of students who fail to complete the application process after starting it, and enrollment behavior differences based on admissions fee levels.
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