2014 Report
Changes in Freshman Attitudes Following a Semester of Classes
Learn about gaps in student services for first-year students, changes in freshman needs, and areas of first-year student growth
Download this report for rank-ordered gaps in freshman services, areas of student growth, and changes in freshman needs and attitudes at the midpoint of the respondents’ first year of attending a college or university. Findings are reported separately for four-year private, four-year public, and two-year public and private institutions.

These data are based on pre- and post-survey data drawn from more than 10,000 college freshmen in 2013 who received a variety of targeted interventions aimed at increasing their success in college. The students completed an initial motivational pre-survey at the start of their first year (College Student Inventory), received targeted interventions to address the needs identified on the pre-survey, and then completed a follow-up post-survey near the end of their first semester (Mid-Year Student Assessment). Examples of interventions included need-based advising, responding to freshman requests for support services, and aligning campus resources to address frequent requests the students made.
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