2012 Report
National Parent Satisfaction and Priorities
How satisfied are the parents of college students with their children's colleges and universities?
Recent attention in higher education has focused on parental involvement in the college experience of their children. There are many references to “helicopter parents” who hover closely to their children throughout their college years, often contacting student affairs personnel, advisors, and faculty to discuss issues pertaining to the student/child. These concerned parents can be found across all socio-economic sectors. There are many indications that college students and their parents communicate frequently, especially with the easy access that cell phones and electronic communication provide.

This report provides insight into the satisfaction and priorities of the parents of college students and is based on responses from more than 9,700 parents and guardians of currently enrolled college students. It lists their priorities, perspectives on institutional strengths and challenges, and compares parental perceptions with those of students.

This survey is based on the Parent Satisfaction Inventory.
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