RNL Crowdfunding Index 2017 Media Kit
Benchmarks and best practices for charitable crowdfunding campaigns
RNL recently analyzed 4,200 crowdfunding projects totaling $22.5 million raised through RNL Crowdfunding powered by ScaleFunder. The project averages and best practices presented in this index provide a baseline for planning and program improvement as organizations utilize this powerful, donor-centric technology.
Download this media kit to discover:
  • Trends in total funds raised, average gift amount, and participation by project type
  • Which factors boost campaign success—from goal-setting to donor engagement
  • How online ambassadors, volunteers who advocate for your campaign, amplify your results
Downloads in this kit:
  • Report: RNL Crowdfunding Index 2017
  • Webinar: Insights from Over 4,000 Higher Education Crowdfunding Campaigns
Download your copy

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