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How Authentic Peer-to-Peer Digital Connections Boost Enrollment Success
Amplify enrollment success with authentic peer-to-peer digital connections
Now more than ever higher education is innovating in the digital landscape. Not only are institutions needing to meet the rising generation's need for a sleek digital experience, but they also must fight to keep their prospects engaged as in-person programming has become increasingly scarce. Wisr provides digital software solutions to engage and retain prospective and current students. We already know students that engage with an institution are 3x more likely to yield than those who don't—so what are you waiting for?
In this webinar, The Wisr Team explores how you can:
  • Create connectivity between prospects and your institution, establishing that sense of community that Gen Z expects
  • Alleviate the load of admissions professionals through a managed platform
  • Thrive during this upcoming critical transfer recruitment season
  • Use data to drive and target your recruiting efforts. We have the data and corollary patterns to maximize your efforts—we crunch the numbers, you see the results.
About the presenters
Kate Volzer, Co-Founder and CEO, Wisr, Inc.
Kate Volzer is an edtech entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in higher education. Beginning as an undergraduate admissions officer at her alma mater, the University of Chicago, she has since co-founded Wisr, an education software company shifting enrollment and recruitment programming to online platforms.

Kate Dyki, Enrollment Program Management Specialist, Wayne State University
Kate Dyki is the Enrollment Program Management Specialist at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. She holds a BA in English from Alma College and a MA in Higher Education Administration from the University of Michigan. Kate has more than a decade of experience working in higher education. As a first-generation student, she is passionate about student preparedness, access, and success. In her most recent role, Kate leads enrollment initiatives including retention and support programs for admitted and continuing students, admitted student virtual outreach, resourcing initiatives, and programs focused on providing working professional adult learners with pathways to a university education.

Host: Brian Gawor, Vice President for Research, RNL
Brian is a career higher education professional who has served in leadership roles in student affairs, enrollment, and advancement. He leads actionable research and content across RNL's strategic offerings, and regularly hosts conversations in RNL's webinars, podcasts, and video interviews.
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