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Transforming Donor Engagement With RNL Engage

In the smartphone era, donor engagement requires you to be digital, personal, and omnichannel. Now RNL has given you a donor engagement platform that enables ongoing digital engagement with donors: RNL Engage.
RNL Engage is a 21st century platform that takes full advantage of smartphone engagement, leveraging all the ways we have to connect with donors on the devices they use every day. This webinar will explore how:
  • RNL Engage combines calling, texting, personalized video, and email follow-up campaigns to transform your phonathon into a true digital engagement center.
  • Technologies like Visual Caller ID and phone number whitelisting maximize the pickups on your personal outreach.
  • Student callers have transformed to engagement ambassadors, and why this matters for your program. 
About the presenters
Shad Hanselman, Associate Vice President, RNL
Shad Hanselman is an experienced fundraising professional dedicated to advancing the art and science of annual giving. Before coming to RNL, Shad served in senior roles at the Arizona State University, Northern Illinois University and Western Michigan University. Shad now coordinates RNL’s next generation omnichannel donor engagement strategy for hundreds of clients partners.
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Sean Shaikun, Associate Vice President, RNL
Sean has helped propel the success of RNL partners since 2000. He’s worked with hundreds of institutions to stay ahead of new donor behavior patterns and leverage RNL’s technology for the maximum return. Sean now drives development and advancement as a primary architect of our partner solutions like RNL Engage.

Host: Brian Gawor, CFRE, Vice President, RNL
Brian is a 20-year higher education veteran and donor engagement expert who coordinates RNL’s research and actionable insights to propel our partner’s success. Hear Brian and guests on the popular Fundraising Voices podcast.
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