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Crafting Your Re-Enrollment Plan in Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 has kept us all extremely busy with the movement of instruction, academic advising, registration, and academic support services to virtual delivery. The ability to predict your retention outcomes for the fall of 2020 is also top of mind as you continue to refine and improve your remote services.
This webinar explores the development of your re-enrollment management plan which has become even more important in this current environment. We will incorporate the results from our recent RNL COVID-19 Student Success Response Survey as well as discuss strategies for qualifying your current students’ likelihood to re-enroll.
In this webinar you will learn how to:
  • Interpret and use the results from RNL’s COVID-19 Student Success Response Survey to be successful in the new normal
  • Leverage the most effective re-enrollment management strategies
  • Know what your students are thinking about re-enrolling by gaining real-time attitudinal data to qualify and engage them through video
  • Begin to develop a plan to predict the retention outcomes for fall 2020
About the presenters
Timothy Culver, PhD, Vice President of Student Success, RNL
Dr. Tim Culver leads the retention consulting services of RNL, offering counsel to help institutions develop, implement, and evaluate plans for improving enrollment, student success, persistence, retention, and degree completion rates. He has expertise in a wide range of areas of enrollment management, including but not limited to retention planning, Title III and Title V grants, enrollment planning, developmental education, and institutional assessments.

Alejandra Sosa Pieroni, Associate Vice President, Financial Aid & Affordability Product Management, RNL
Alejandra Sosa Pieroni is a higher education professional with more than a decade of experience in financial aid and admissions. She previously served as executive director of admissions and financial aid at Stetson University, vice president of enrollment management at Walsh University, and director of admissions at Mercer University.
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