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How to Personalize Alumni and Donor Outreach With Artificial Intelligence

We want to be treated as individuals. And the commercial world knows this. Every day, algorithms based on our demonstrated interests personalize content for us: whether it's suggestions to buy on Amazon, music on Spotify, or the next binge-worthy series on Netflix, our behavior is fed to robots, who make highly accurate suggestions to us.
It's time for fundraisers and advancement communications teams to join the AI revolution. There are now cost-effective and easy to do these same things for our donors and supporters. It's donor-centric. It frees up your team to do other things. And donors love it.
This webinar explores how:
  • In three easy steps, an AI-driven platform can have you personalizing communications in just a few days.
  • How personalization can surprise and delight your donors to boost read and click rates.
  • How integration with giving opportunities, virtual events, crowdfunding, and giving days can make AI your donor conversion secret weapon.
  • New, cost-effective packages let you do this immediately, even on a tight budget.
  • AI-driven communication boosts your annual giving and major donor pipeline.
We are in the middle of significant resource crunches for both fundraisers and donors. It's time to join the artificial intelligence revolution to boost your ROI on communications by treating donors like they want to be treated: as individuals.
About the presenters
Peter Caron, Vice President, RNL
Peter serves the RNL team as the lead innovator of RNL's next-generation engagement platforms, including RNL ScaleFunder, RNL QuadWrangle, and AL, conversational artificial intelligence (AI) for fundraising. A seasoned tech leader, Peter specializes in making AI accessible.

Solomon Grey, RNL
Solomon Grey helps RNL QuadWrangle and QuadMail partners to harness the maximum potential of technologies to surprise and delight donors. Solomon has successfully transitioned institutions of all sizes to a new level of donor personalization, and guides new development of features on the platforms.

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