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Next Gen Donor Engagement: A Fundraising Innovation Roundtable

As we look forward into 2020, we're all talking about how to attract and retain more donors in a challenging fundraising environment with tons of competition. While mega-campaigns in higher education are setting records with older donors, more than half of colleges and universities say they are trending downward on donor participation, and the future is at risk.
The next generation of donors will be critical to future fundraising success, but they're spending their time with causes or pursuits they see as more exciting. It's time to think differently about how we can surprise and delight donors of all generations to reverse these trends.
RNL's team of fundraising veterans explores this topic and questions such as:
  • What does donor engagement mean in 2020 and into the 21st century? We'll discuss how your institution can use technology to gain attention from donors in a personalized way.
  • What does it mean to be data-driven, agile, and omnichannel in today's communication environment?
  • How do you get started? We'll talk about the first steps to take in transforming your donor engagement?
RNL's expert panel for this roundtable
Chris Bingley, Senior Vice President, RNL
Chris Bingley has 15 years of experience in higher education fundraising. His expertise runs the full spectrum of fundraising management, including annual giving, stewardship, alumni relations, planned giving, and public relations.
Chad Warren, Vice President, RNL
Chad has over two decades of higher education donor engagement experience, serving in senior roles at UNLV, Ohio State University, The University of Dayton, and Florida State University. Chad has served as higher education fundraising consultant for many years, and presented regularly at CASE, AFP, and AGN events. He returns to RNL where he started his career.
Justin Marquart, Vice President, RNL
Justin Marquart has served in various fundraising leadership roles, including at major institutions like Washington State University. He led the effort to bring in transformational individual and corporate commitments including transformational gifts from Boeing, Starbucks, Marriott, and Microsoft. He went on to lead multiple university wide efforts in higher education and health care philanthropy, and even successfully launched his own nonprofit.
Meg Weber, Vice President, RNL
Meg Weber is a fundraising professional with two decades of experience in higher ed advancement. She previously served at Colorado State University as executive director of annual giving, where she specifically focused on fundraising pipeline and engagement.

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