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Best Practices for Leveraging Your Alumni Outcomes

Are you struggling to collect reliable data on what your alumni are doing? Do you have challenges making the case to prospective students about the value of your school's education? Are you effectively explaining to students that are thinking of leaving why staying is their best investment? We've heard these concerns from hundreds of campus partners and have developed a shortlist of best practices for leveraging your alumni outcomes to communicate your institution's ROI.
This webinar explores how best to leverage alumni outcomes. You'll learn:
  • How our partner organizations are matching alumni to their current jobs and earnings
  • How to transform data and information into powerful marketing messages that resonate
  • How to leverage your alumni outcomes to further enhance student and alumni engagement
About the presenters
Dr. Lewis Sanborne, Vice President, RNL
Dr. Lewis Sanborne is RNL's leader in strategic enrollment planning. He offers nearly three decades of experience in higher education and enrollment management, with a range of expertise including annual and strategic enrollment planning, student success and retention, quality service, and organizational development. Additionally, he recently edited the second edition of the book: Strategic Enrollment Planning: A Dynamic Collaboration.

Stephanie Soscia, Senior Vice President, Consulting Services, RNL
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