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Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn Expert Panel
The Future of Graduate and Online Digital Marketing

In this Q&A style webinar, we were joined by RNL's EDU partners from Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn to address top questions they're hearing across the graduate and online space.
Now that we have all addressed short-term needs and impact from COVID-19, it's time to start considering how we evolve our marketing and recruitment strategies to adapt to this new normal. From adjusting your program mix to creative and messaging to marketing channels, we know universities are feeling more pressure to make quick and effective decisions to impact enrollment in the long-run.
This webinar explores recent trends, adapting strategies, and the future of higher ed marketing:
  • Recent user engagement trends and future engagement predictions
  • Adjusting creative, messaging and objectives to align the new normal
  • Adapting your strategy and channel mix to maximize reach and ROI
  • Emerging non-EDU trends to pay attention to and learn from
  • Tips for coming out on top post-crisis
About the presenters
Jarrod Butler, Account Executive - Enterprise Education Vertical, Digital, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
Jarrod Butler consults higher education marketing teams to leverage LinkedIn's data and product suite to drive awareness and enrollment growth. Jarrod has worked in sales and marketing for the last 7 years and has focused on LinkedIn higher education marketing since 2016. He believes in taking a data-driven approach to curating university marketing strategies and expansion plans on the platform. He works closely with RNL+Converge to provide training and best practices so that they remain experts on LinkedIn's ever-innovating platform.

River Bunkley, Facebook Education Account Manager, Facebook
River Bunkley is an Account Manager in Facebook's Global Business Group, and serves as the higher education specialist for the education industry at the company. He has been working at Facebook for just around 2 years. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and a graduate of Emory University, River now is based in the Chicago Facebook Office.
River Bunkley.jpeg

Trista Wade, Google Agency Development Manager
Trista Wade creates innovative solutions to meet the goals of her agency partners and their end clients. Her approach is growth and strategy-focused, having worked across multiple industries and verticals throughout her career and having recently received her MBA from Georgetown University. She uses her digital expertise to empower agencies to create lasting value for their clients. Trista is passionate about fully enabling her agency partners and provides resources, research, and insights to help them thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape.
Trista Wade Headshot.jpg

Jay Kelly, Senior Vice President, Digital, RNL+Converge
Jay Kelly was a New York advertising veteran before co-founding Converge. While working on Madison Avenue, he helped develop world-renowned brands like Ford Motor Company and Nissan Motors (he fondly remembers the cutting-edge technology days of car phones). Now as a partner at RNL+Converge, Jay combines his passion for business development and the mission of higher education to help cultivate the best college brands in the world as they seek the right-fit students.
Jay Kelly

Hayley Warack, Vice President of Digital Strategy, RNL+Converge
Hayley Warack is an expert in creating dynamic advertising strategies and integrating engaging storytelling and content in digital strategies. Hayley has been in the digital marketing world for over 10 years, with the last five years being focused on bringing innovative digital solutions to higher education. Hayley serves as the point person for RNL+Converge's strategic partnerships with Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn to bring the best and innovative solutions to the table for product development, training, and workshops.

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