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Building Student Success Strategies Based on Students' Motivational Needs

Watch this webinar and see how the three motivational assessments of the RMS Plus—the College Student Inventory, the Mid-Year Student Assessment, and the Second-Year Student Assessment—can help you target students for individual interventions and shape your programs to increase retention and graduation rates on your campus. 
Watch this webinar and you will learn how to:
  • Increase yield rates using non-cognitive motivational data
  • Utilize motivational assessments to identify which students need your attention first
  • Intervene and engage students early, before faculty and staff even raise concerns
  • Identify students' plans for re-enrollment at your institution
  • Retain more students to the third year (for four-year institutions) and through the second year (for two-year institutions) and increase tuition revenue from the students you save
  • Gain buy-in for the use of motivational assessments in your student success strategies
  • Implement a reliable system for assessing student needs (at the individual and cohort levels) and managing interventions
The RMS Plus provides a systematic, reliable, and tested method for prioritizing student interventions, identifying at-risk students and risk factors, assessing each student's receptivity to relevant campus resources, and personalizing outreach efforts.
Utilized by over 1,400 institutions across North America, with over 2.6 million student records, the RMS Plus has provided compus leaders with reliable, actionable data for almost 30 years.
About the presenters
Brandi Phillips, Director of Retention Solutions, RNL
Brandi Phillips works closely with colleges and universities to promote and support student success initiatives. In particular, Ms. Phillips provides guidance and support in using the College Student Inventory, the Mid-Year Student Assessment, and the Second-Year Student Assessment. Offering a wide range of experiences, Ms. Phillips has worked with traditional and nontraditional students in academic advising, career development, first-year programming, and student engagement.

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