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Aligning Your Academic Portfolio With Market Demand
The importance of understanding demand when evaluating your current academic portfolio and considering new programs
Many universities are expanding graduate and online programs but how can you be sure your academic offerings align with market demand today and in the future? Given the high costs of launching programs—faculty, LMS, technology, infrastructure, marketing—coupled with the uncertainty in the industry, it is critical to ensure programs resonate in the market.
To be successful in today's competitive educational market, your campus must offer programs that stand out from those offered by your competitors, appeal to a sufficient number of students to make the program viable, and deliver strong outcomes. 
Watch this webinar to learn about strategies that will help you:
  • Determine which of your current program offerings have the greatest growth potential
  • Evaluate whether the new programs your campus is considering are likely to meet your new student objectives
  • Identify competitors for your current programs as well as likely competitors for new proposed programs
About the presenters
Charles Ramos, Vice President, Graduate and Online Enrollment Management, RNL
Charles Ramos is a veteran of higher education, with over 24 years of experience as an enrollment professional and consultant. He has affected positive change that has equated to increased enrollment and sustainable revenue growth in the undergraduate, graduate, online, and non-traditional markets for over 100 institutions across the United States and Canada. He started his career at Saint Louis University where he began building his enrollment management expertise. Through time spent as vice president at RNL and in outreach services at ACT, Inc., he was deeply immersed in consulting in the areas of recruitment, retention, and strategic enrollment management, as well as managing some of the largest partnerships for RNL.

Robert Green, Vice President of Digital Learning, RNL
Rob Green is a senior business operations and product entrepreneur, serving as RNL's Vice President of Digital Learning. Previously, Rob was the VP for Digital Learning at Columbia College Chicago, while working as a consultant to RNL, working with the CEO on projects focused in the lifelong learning space. Rob has consistently pushed the envelope in higher education, arts, and technology. Rob is interested in dynamically changing the way students learn and consume education and information within the skill-based learning sector. Rob is the former COO/CFO of the award winning Berklee Online, the Continuing Education division for the Berklee College of Music.
Robert Green

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