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Maximizing Student Outcomes by Winning Back Lost Students

Your institution invests a remarkable amount of resources to recruit each and every student, spending months or years engaging with them. Yet, an alarming amount withdraws early in the term or do not register for the next term at all. How will you win back those lost students?
The most successful institutions will embrace a radically different approach to student retention that reaches beyond traditional techniques and maximizes student outcomes.
Watch this free, one-hour webinar to learn how to:
  • Connect with students through multichannel outreach: phone, email, and surveys to assess why they left and how to win them back
  • Respond quickly, with relevant and engaging messaging, before it’s too late
  • Increase retention rates, graduation rates, and net revenue as you engage more students to re-enroll
Join us to learn how these engagement strategies can be deployed in other ways to drive overall student success.
About the presenters
Tim Culver, PhD, Vice President, Consulting Services, RNL
Dr. Tim Culver leads the retention consulting services of RNL, offering counsel to help institutions develop, implement, and evaluate plans for improving enrollment, student success, persistence, retention, and degree completion rates. He has expertise in a wide range of areas of enrollment management, including but not limited to retention planning, Title III and Title V grants, enrollment planning, and institutional assessments.

Alejandra Sosa Pieroni, Associate Vice President, Financial Aid & Affordability Product Management, RNL
Alejandra Sosa Pieroni is a higher education professional with more than a decade of experience in financial aid and admissions. She previously served as executive director of admissions and financial aid at Stetson University, vice president of enrollment management at Walsh University, and director of admissions at Mercer University.
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