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Top Tips for Meeting the Needs of
Adult Learners

Adult students make up almost 40 percent of the national undergraduate population. Since they are often balancing their college experience with work, family, and other responsibilities, adult students may have different priorities and challenges. What can you do to serve these students better and help more of them succeed?
In our webinar you will learn about our latest research on adult student satisfaction (conducted in partnership with the Lumina Foundation) and leave with our top tips for understanding and meeting the needs of this growing student population. 
What you'll learn:
  • What adult students indicate as priority challenges
  • How the needs and concerns of adult students differ from traditional students
  • Where satisfaction levels vary for adult students based on race/ethnicity
  • Opportunities for improving the experience of your adult learners
  • How you can use assessment to increase student success and completion for your adult students
About the presenters
Julie Bryant, Associate Vice President, Retention Solutions, RNL
Julie Bryant works directly with campuses on satisfaction assessment, providing service to more than 2,700 institutions using the RNL satisfaction-priorities assessments. She also oversees the annual National Satisfaction and Priorities Report series.

Amia Foston, PhD, Strategic Impact and Research Officer, Lumina Foundation
Amia Foston is a strategic impact and research officer at Lumina Foundation. He is an experienced higher education professional, but has also worked in public finance, community development, and applied research. 
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