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Student Satisfaction and Engagement:
Using the Data for Student Success

Students may not be satisfied if they are not engaged, and they may not be engaged if they are not satisfied. Assessing both student satisfaction and student engagement can provide you with a view across your students' experiences, inside and outside of the classroom. Many institutions alternate between gathering student satisfaction data with the Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) and student engagement data with either the National Survey on Student Engagement (NSSE) or the Community College Survey on Student Engagement (CCSSE).
This webinar explores three institutions sharing how they use the combination of data sets on their campuses. The presenters share ideas on how to compare the data sets, share the results, and identify initiatives to improve student success with the satisfaction and engagement data results. 
What you'll learn:
  • An understanding of the shared space between satisfaction and engagement data to reflect the overall student experience
  • Ideas for sharing data on campus from both instruments
  • Suggestions for ways to take action as a result of the student feedback
  • Examples of initiatives informed by the data sets to improve student success

About the presenters
Jacqueline MacNeil, Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Eckerd College (FL)
Bethany Miller, Director of Institutional Research, Mary Baldwin University (VA)
Mandy Henkel, Research Analyst, Southwest Wisconsin Technical College (WI)
Shannon Cook, Senior Director of Retention Solutions, RNL

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