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How “Omnichannel” are you? Building a 21st century donor engagement toolkit

First we talked about the marketing calendar. Then we pushed “multichannel integration.” And now the buzzword is “omnichannel,” a new way of looking at the total communication package you provide to your constituents across everything from direct mail, digital, mobile, and even personal contact. It’s about creating a donor journey, not just sending more stuff out. In the 21st century, we all need to be using multiple, donor-driven methods in concert to break through the attention competition from other causes—and just life in general.
It’s about creating a “surround sound” message for your supporters, and the synergy that an omnichannel program provides is greater than its parts.
Watch this webinar to find out:
  • How to successfully integrate new technologies that up your omnichannel game, and boost your existing efforts such as direct mail and phone using tools like digital advertising, marketing automation, and actionable surveying
  • How integrated omnichannel communications can follow donor interest, passion, and be truly donor-centric
  • What others have done to get started on the omnichannel path, and achieve instant ROI
About the presenters
Brian Gawor, CFRE, Vice President of Research, RNL
Brian Gawor has 18 years of higher education experience in student affairs, enrollment management, and development. His focus is research and strategy so that clients can use the latest trends and advances in fundraising to elevate their results.

Josh Robertson, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, RNL
Josh Robertson oversees the development of new and enhanced services based on evolving industry needs. He has extensive annual giving experience related to data integrity, integrated multichannel strategies, and analytics.

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