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Digital Transformation for Enrollment: RNL, Converge, and You

We are immersed in digital transformation on a daily basis. New technologies and capabilities change our behavior constantly—online and offline, across all the devices and channels we use.
How do you shift your strategies to meet the expectations of students in this ever-evolving environment? How can you use these changes and innovations to your best advantage, so that you can engage students with highly relevant communications that grab their interest and compel them to act?
Watch this webinar to discover how RNL’s strategic acquisition of Converge will accelerate your digital transformation for enrollment. You’ll learn:
  • The essentials for effective digital marketing in today’s enrollment environment: digital ad buys, retargeting, SEO, web optimization, AI chat, and more
  • Keys to recruiting the increasingly important nontraditional adult learner, online learner, and graduate student markets
  • How to implement and optimize a digital strategy that is seamless, strategic, and on-target
About the presenters
Matt Krov, Associate Vice President for Product Management, RNL
Matt Krov has more than 15 years of enrollment management experience at selective institutions, most recently serving as dean of admission at Austin College before coming to RNL.
Kayla Manning, Vice President for Digital Marketing Strategy, RNL
Kayla Manning's professional experience spans a decade in Higher Education with roles focusing on student success, branding, and post-grad career preparedness to overseeing new business marketing strategy at one of the nation’s largest higher education marketing agencies.

Hayley Warack, Vice President of Digital Strategy, Converge
Hayley Warack is an expert in creating dynamic advertising strategies and integrating engaging storytelling and content in digital strategies. Hayley serves as the point person for Converge's strategic partnerships with Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn to bring the best and innovative solutions to the table for product development, training, and workshops.
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