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Building Your 2019 Transfer Engagement Plan
Now that May 1 has passed, you may be thinking beyond traditional audiences for recruitment and about how to accelerate your efforts to engage and convert transfer audiences to impact this fall’s enrollment. Given the numerous benefits for focusing on transfer students, including yield and class space, putting a little effort into building and implementing a solid transfer plan can pay huge dividends very quickly.
In this free webinar, we share proven strategies that combine traditional transfer outreach with new online engagement methods to convert and yield more transfer students to your institution and impact enrollment for this fall.
About the presenters
Gil Rogers, Senior Vice President for Marketing and Strategy, PlatformQ Education
Gil Rogers leads marketing and strategy at PlatformQ Education, the leading provider of online engagement planning and software services. Gil has served in numerous leadership and enrollment marketing roles throughout his career, including the University of Hartford and University of New Haven and more recently at Zinch.com and Chegg.

Anne Monroe, PhD, Vice President, Recruitment Consulting Services, RNL
Dr. Anne Monroe has served in admissions and student services since 1997. Her areas of expertise include enrollment management, campus marketing, adult and transfer student enrollment, and student services such as advising, residential life, and counseling.

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