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The Case for Extending Your Student Success Program through the Second Year

If colleges and universities are serious about improving their graduation rates, not just their first- to second-year retention rates, they need to pay attention to their second-year students, too. There continues to be considerable attrition in the second year, leading to lower than necessary graduation rates. Extending your student-success efforts through the second year is an effective way to improve on-time graduation rates.
This webinar will focus on national data, both satisfaction and motivational, that reveal what’s important to second-year students as well as their concerns and priorities. A case study of an institution committed to enhancing second-year student success will be presented. Strategies to strengthen the second-year experience will be discussed to provide practice application to participants’ student success management efforts at their institutions.
About the presenters
Dr. Mari K. Normyle, Assistant Vice President for Retention Solutions, Ruffalo Noel Levitz
Dr. Mari K. Normyle is a higher education professional with more than 25 years of experience. Her areas of expertise include student retention, first-year programs, academic advising, and academic and career services. She has served on campus in admissions, adult education, program development, and grants administration.

Jonathan Fries, Director of Second-Year, Transfer, and Non-Traditional Student Programs, University of Lynchburg
Since 2013, Jonathan has worked with entering transfer students, adult learners, and provided leadership in developing the Second-Year Success program at the University of Lynchburg (formerly Lynchburg College).  His professional experience in admissions, advising, and student success—working with a full range of students entering the university—informs his expertise and inspires his commitment to helping more students complete their undergraduate programs on time.

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