On-Demand Webinar
Raising Retention and Graduation Rates by Prioritizing Student Interventions

Join us for a highly informative 60 minutes dedicated to learning more about effective uses of motivational, non-cognitive assessments in student success programs that lead to improved retention and graduation rates.
Representatives from three institutions will share their unique use of the Retention Management System Plus in their student success programs and how incorporating the motivational dimensions of students has amplified their ability to identify at-risk students earlier and intervene more effectively.
Participants in this webinar will learn how to make student interventions more meaningful, systematic, and effective and include how to:
  • Identify which students are most likely to have difficulties
  • Intervene with students earlier, before they develop problems
  • Strengthen connections with students by making interventions more personal and targeted
  • Assess each student's receptivity to relevant campus resources and connect them to the resources that will help them the most
  • Help more students persist and complete their educational goals
  • Measure your return on investment to document the benefits of using RMS Plus on your student success programs
About the presenters
Lisa Duncan Raines, PhD
Vice President, Enrollment and Student Success
Christopher Newport University
Newport News, VA
Jason Gibson
Coordinator of Counseling and Advising Services
Lorain County Community College
Kelly Mock
Director, Academic Success and Life Coaching
Maxwell Artis
Life Coach, Team Lead
Maryville University
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