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Utilizing Student Satisfaction Data for HLC Accreditation

Accreditation activities are regularly identified as a key way colleges and universities are using their student satisfaction assessment data.
Are you currently assessing student satisfaction or considering adding it to your schedule of survey instruments? What types of data should you collect from your students and how can these data support your accreditation activities, as well as strategic planning efforts and student success initiatives?
Watch this webinar for an in-depth look at how student satisfaction data ties directly to your Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accreditation requirements. Tom Flint will share his expertise as a HLC accreditation consultant, and Tracy Noldner, Vice President of Student Affairs and Institutional Research at Southeast Technical Institute, will share his use of the Student Satisfaction Inventory data as it relates to measuring the processes tied to HLC accreditation requirements. 
About the presenters
Shannon Cook, Senior Director of Retention Solutions, Ruffalo Noel Levitz
Tom Flint, HLC Accreditation Consultant
Tracy Noldner, Vice President of Student Affairs and Institutional Research, Southeast Technical Institute
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