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Achieving Student Success: Building a Framework for First-Year Students

Cultivate a campus culture and climate that facilitates successful student outcomes
Student success is the outcome of effectively addressing your institutional initiatives. It is the keystone of campus health: In achieving it, you’ll positively influence the full spectrum of the student experience from new student recruitment to alumni engagement.
This white paper outlines several fundamental steps in establishing a framework for your campus to craft and execute a data-informed student success strategy, including:
  • Building a strong committee for campus buy-in
  • Collecting data that spans four broad categories: assessing student priorities and satisfaction, plotting your attrition curve, understanding your students’ non-cognitive needs, and comparing to national benchmarks
  • Establishing first-year student success goals
  • Developing action plans for areas where improvement is required to best meet student expectations, perceptions, and needs 
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Senior VP - Client Engagment, RNL
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