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Key Strategies to Make Giving Day Take Flight

West Virginia University (WVU) Mountaineers recently closed their annual Day of Giving with a total of $30.4 million in gifts. This incredible amount was fully 68% more than their previous record and represented 8,500 gifts, 900 new first-time donors, and several substantial gifts from major donors.
How did they accomplish this record breaker, and—perhaps more importantly—what did they learn that your team can use to help your institution's fundraising results climb higher than ever?
Watch Kristen Shipp, Executive Director at WVU Foundation and RNL Vice President Becca Widmer to hear how WVU generated and harnessed stakeholder excitement institution-wide and across all donor levels to achieve success.
In this webinar, we explore the following Giving Day strategies:
  1. How to build a campuswide sense of ownership and enthusiasm.
  2. How to recognize unplanned opportunities and turn them to repeatable methods.
  3. How to harness competition and camaraderie—both internal and external.
  4. How to use digital wallets to make giving fast and simple.
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Who You’ll Hear From

Becca Widmer
Vice President, RNL
Becca joined RNL in 2022 and is focused on providing strategic consultation and critical insights to help programs innovate and succeed in today's challenging environment. Becca comes to her senior role with a wealth of experience across diverse institutions. Prior to joining RNL, Becca was director of annual giving at Drake University in Iowa.
Kristen Shipp
Executive Director, Annual Giving, West Virginia University Foundation, Inc.
Kristen has served WVU since 2006, coordinating broad-based support for the University in key leadership roles. She became Executive Director of Annual Giving in 2020, helping lead engagement efforts through the pandemic and innovating in WVU's outreach efforts using data-driven strategy. An expert on engaging wide-ranging constituencies in coordinated giving efforts, Kristen offers incredible insights on being inclusive and agile in donor outreach.