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AI 101: Unveiling the Basics of AI University Innovation

Embarking on integrating AI into your university can be daunting, especially for those with little prior knowledge. If you're eager to harness AI's power but unsure where to start, watch our tailored session.

Designed for university administrators and staff new to AI, we cover AI fundamentals: defining AI, types like machine learning, and ethical considerations. Gain foundational knowledge and confidence to navigate the exciting realm of AI.
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Who You’ll Hear From

David Palmer
VP of Artificial Intelligence Technology Strategy, RNL
David is a seasoned technology and development leader with a track record of success across large enterprises and startups. As co-founder and CTO of QuadWrangle, he pioneered groundbreaking approaches to machine learning and natural language processing, establishing the company as a leader in MarTech for higher education. With a passion for innovation and building new technologies, David leads RNL's AI initiatives, driving strategic advancements to empower universities with cutting-edge solutions.
Solomon Grey
Director of Program Management, RNL
Solomon is a versatile problem solver dedicated to empowering university partners through the strategic application of intuitive solutions. With a keen focus on collaborative teamwork, Solomon facilitates the creation of innovative products aimed at addressing the evolving needs of higher education institutions. By managing Scrum activities, product backlogs, and roadmaps in Jira, Solomon ensures efficient development processes that enable the integration of AI-drive features, ultimately helping university partners leverage technology to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.
Nate Mouttet
Vice President, RNL
Nate helps providers adopt growth and scale solutions to stabilize or expand their graduate and online programs. Nate is an expert in graduate and online program marketing, program development and delivery as part of larger strategic enrollment planning. He helps RNL partner institutions adopt new technology, data-driven strategy and key services to enhance the entire student lifecycle and maximize success.