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Increasing Conversion and Enrollment Through Intelligent Web Engagement

Your website has long been the top resource for prospective students researching your institution. But are students truly engaged when they visit your site? Does your site adapt to their informational needs, expectations, and enrollment stage? And is your website aligned with your broader enrollment strategies?
Watch this webinar to find out how you can transform your website into a highly individualized and engaging experience for prospective students. The presenters share how combining Intelligent Web Engagement powered by Halda with a RNL's comprehensive Student Search to Enrollment approach will:
  • Make visiting your website more meaningful to students and make them more likely to return.
  • Increase conversion rates at every enrollment stage, building a stronger enrollment pipeline for your institution.
  • Bring more students out of "stealth mode" by delivering content that will make them want to inquire.
  • Align your website, communications, and enrollment strategies to maximize the enrollment impact and ROI of your efforts.
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Who You’ll Hear From

Andrea Gilbert
Chief Solutions Officer, RNL
Andrea Gilbert is a seasoned enrollment leader who has served hundreds of campus partners in the United States and United Kingdom. She has partnered with campuses to achieve their recruitment goals through the use of predictive modeling services, search and application generation strategy, territory management, financial aid, student retention, and consulting services.
Austen Kelso
Vice President for Enrollment Solutions, RNL
Austen Kelso leads development for RNL's enrollment solutions. In his work, he shapes enhancements to existing RNL solutions and the development of new innovations that help campuses engage and enroll the students they want. Previously, Austen served at the University of Richmond as regional director of admission and communications.
Dallin Palmer
Co-Founder, President, and COO, Halda
Dallin Palmer is an experienced entrepreneur focused on building enrollment marketing software that prioritizes students. He is the Co-Founder of Halda, a company that offers the industry's first AI-powered operating system for enrollment marketers, adopted by more than 150 institutions across the United States. Before founding Halda, Dallin served in various leadership roles at Chegg Inc. and Zinch China.