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How to Harness External Influences to Enhance Your Strategic Advantage

Watch this webinar as we dive into the evolving landscape of higher education, highlighting the significance of external factors such as demographic shifts, academic program preferences, competition, and perception in the market. You'll gain insights into:


  • Identifying demographic shifts impacting your institution
  • Analyzing the relationship between academic program demand and the labor market
  • Navigating reputation, brand, competition, and price sensitivity
  • Understanding the influence of federal, state, and accreditation policies

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Who You’ll Hear From

Jessica Ickes
Vice President, Market Research, RNL
Jessica assists RNL clients in taking a data-informed approach to their enrollment planning and new program development initiatives. Jessica has collaborated with colleges and universities on survey research, academic program development and prioritization, and the use of internal and external data to inform strategy and planning.
Ken Newbold
AVP Market and Research Services, RNL
Dr. Ken Newbold joined RNL in 2023, bringing more than 22 years of academic leadership experience. Ken assists RNL clients with research needs in the areas of academic program development, enrollment trends, and academic planning.