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National Student Satisfaction Results: Data That Inform Retention and Recruitment

Each year, RNL reviews the three most recent academic years of student satisfaction data, based on the institutions that are gathering student feedback with RNL's satisfaction assessments. This year's results focus on data points that can inform institutional retention and recruitment efforts.


This webinar shares highlights of this year's overall findings and will also include a deeper dive into the national data sets in a few key demographic variables. This session will help you consider how this data can inform decision making on your campus and how to best use student feedback at your institution.

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Who You’ll Hear From

Julie Bryant
Vice President for Student Success, RNL
Julie is responsible for client service to more than 2,700 institutions using the RNL family of satistfaction-priorities assessment instruments, including the Student Satisfaction Inventory™, the Institutional Priorities Survey™, the Adult Student Priorities Survey™, the Adult Learner Inventory™, the Priorities Survey of Online Learners™, and the Parent Satisfaction Inventory™ as well as other surveys in development.