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Driving Enrollment Through World-Class Online Course Offerings
Learn how to strategically evaluate and elevate your online courses

Strong student engagement drives enrollment and retention success, and how your courses are designed plays a crucial role in engaging students. Faculty involvement is also essential for successful course development and delivery. And quality academic offerings and strong student outcomes are the top motivations for why students choose a college—and complete their studies.
However, a seismic shift toward online and hybrid enrollment has hit at a time when most campuses are not sure if they can deliver a quality online experience. Consider these findings from the CHLOE 8 survey of Chief Online Officers:
  • More than 65 percent of institutions are adding new online programs
  • Only 22 percent of institutions report high proportions of faculty with course development experience
  • Only 13 percent of institutions report that online course design is an important part of faculty professional development
Watch this informative webinar that shares how RNL Instructional Design services can help you deliver world-class courses that attract new students and increase student completion. Learn how RNL can help you:
  1. Assess the quality of your courses to align with current best practices in online learning and meet the expectations of today's students.
  2. Optimize your online courses to enhance student engagement and satisfaction while retaining the unique teaching approach faculty bring to their disciplines.
  3. Build quality, engaging online courses that align with your enrollment goals, increase student retention, and fully leverage faculty expertise.
  4. Strengthen enrollment growth as increasing proportions of the student audience migrate to online learning.
About the presenters
Emily Wood, EdD, Vice President, Instructional Design, RNL
Dr. Emily Wood is an experienced higher education professional who helps institutions set strategic vision for instructional design and program development as they bring key academic programs online. She leads RNL’s team of instructional design experts to provide high-performing service to students and higher education leaders to amplify program success. She previously served as the founding director of the Center for Engagement and Learning at Pierce College in Washington and also was a tenured associate professor.

Scott Jeffe, VP, Research, RNL
Scott Jeffe has worked with more than 200 institutions in 40+ states to apply market data to strategic decisions. With a focus on profiling the demands and preferences of nontraditional (adult, online, etc.) students, Scott has developed a unique sensitivity to ensuring that programs align with student demand while upholding institutional mission and values.

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