On-Demand Webinar
Exploring the Most Effective Practices for Student Success
Dive into the latest benchmarks for student retention, completion, and success at four-year institutions

What are the most effective student success practices at colleges and universities? Where are the best opportunities for campuses to improve student retention and completion?
Watch this webinar to explore the latest RNL benchmark data on student success practices. The presenter shares results from polls of retention leaders at four-year private and public institutions. Attendees will also receive early access to the 2023 Student Retention Practices Report.
Assess your current student success practices compared to other institutions.
During this presentation, you will hear benchmark data on:
  • The most widely used strategies and programs for student success.
  • Which initiatives are the most effective, according to campus retention leaders.
  • Details on written retention plans—how many institutions have a written plan, and how often they update it.
  • The role and authority of retention committees on campus.
  • How many institutions have a chief retention officer and how the role is defined.
About the presenter
Sherri Erkel, PhD, Vice President for Consulting Services, Student Success, RNL
Dr. Sherri Erkel has nearly 20 years of experience in enrollment and retention. As RNL's leading student success consultant, she partners with campuses of all sizes and types to help them maximize student retention, progression, and completion. She has previously served campus roles at Eastern Oregon University and St. Ambrose University, directing recruitment and enrollment operations, new student transitions, including orientation and welcome week, and first- and second-year experience programs.

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