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Speed and Personalization:
What Graduate Students Tell Us About Their Expectations

Today's graduate programs are now serving two generations that have grown up in a customized, personalized world. While Generation Z and Millennials may have differing motivations, learning styles, and social concerns, they share a need to instantaneous access—to information and to services they need. Combined with an emerging sense among all students that higher education is another commodity they purchase, these factors have huge implications for graduate schools and programs.
In this webinar, we present data surfaced in our new survey of 1,500 graduate students and then discuss implications (and solutions) for both graduate enrollment planning and institutional operations.
Research findings we will discuss include:
  1. How quickly do graduate students expect a response?
  2. What are their perceptions of programs that don't respond on their expected timeline?
  3. How likely is a slow response to curtail their interests in your program?
  4. How important is personalized communications, and what placeholders will they accept?
  5. What are the most effective ways to personalize content?
Our discussion focuses on the following:
  1. How can you organize your team to be able to meet response times?
  2. What incentives and plans can be put in place to keep your team motivated?
  3. What are the best ways to ensure that timely response is the focus of your efforts?
  4. How can things like communications flows and CRMs help?
  5. How can institutions respond to demands for personalization?
About the presenters
Chelsea Hoffman, VP, Graduate and Online Partnerships, RNL
An experienced enrollment leader who has helped grow innovative education programs, Chelsea Hoffman is an expert in enrollment strategy that harnesses technology to create a better student experience. Chelsea works with colleges and universities to propel the success of their graduate and online programs, optimize their recruitment efforts, assess the enrollment potential of academic programs, and achieve their enrollment goals more efficiently.

Dr. Shane Pruitt, Executive Consultant, Enrollment Consulting Services, RNL
Dr. Pruitt has a proven track record of successfully implementing data-informed enrollment strategy as an on-campus administrator, EdTech consultant, and higher education subject matter expert for a leading management consulting firm. His areas of expertise include novel recruitment communications, enrollment data analysis and interpretation, and pipeline development through external partnership-building. Before beginning at RNL, he served as Director of Student Recruitment and Advising at the University of Georgia.

Cassie Montgomery, Director of Outreach Services, Amarillo College
Over the past 15+ years, Cassie has conceived, developed, and implemented client-centric, values-based communications strategies/programs to drive brand building, reputation management, and revenue goals of organizations in the healthcare and education sectors. Her success as a strategic communications leader is underpinned by her ability to combine communications expertise with strong skills in project management, process optimization, and team training to execute robust crisis response/communications capabilities while continuously maintaining alignment with organizational mission, vision, and objectives.

Cindy Chiribao, Director of Admissions, Columbia Southern University
As Director of Admissions, Cindy Chiribao leads the full scope of the admissions process from the point of inquiry to first enrollment. Over almost a decade in CSU's admissions office, she has taken a leading role in streamlining processes and procedures from initial inquiry to enrollment. She manages the development, execution, and moitoring of the departmental strategic plan and budget in alignment with the University's mission and vision as well as oversees the regular review of recruitment, communication, and marketing strategies.
Host and Research: Scott Jeffe, RNL
Scott Jeffe has worked with more than 200 institutions in 40+ states to apply market data to strategic decisions. With a focus on profiling the demands and preferences of nontraditional (adult, online, etc.) students, Scott has developed a unique sensitivity to ensuring that programs align with student demand while upholding institutional mission and values.

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