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How to Transform Leadership Gift Outreach

Cultivating leadership gifts is a crucial investment for fundraising shops. Not only do these gifts help meet revenue goals, but they are also essential for building pipeline for major and planned gifts. Unfortunately, the tools for engaging leadership donors are often disconnected, antiquated, or inefficient, leading to a disappointing donor experience, fundraiser turnover, and low ROI for engagement.
That changes now.

The platform that's already booked over $1B in gifts offers a new, integrated approach to leadership giving. It's time for your leadership engagement officers to use secure, tested technology for omnichannel outreach and secure these revenue-driving gifts. It's time to take leadership giving outreach to the next level.
In this webinar, join the RNL experts to learn about RNL Leadership Giving and how this new solution:
  • Gives your team the tools they need to contact the best leadership giving prospects at scale and provides a great donor experience.
  • Integrates outreach across texting, video messages, email, and calling, all in one platform.
  • Prioritizes the best prospects with tested modeling and prompts what to do next to keep engagement moving.
  • Makes giving easy with a low-friction giving portal and digital wallet options to maximize ROI.
  • Does it all at one-third the cost of other solutions available today, with setup in weeks, not months.
Hear how this new technology will transform your leadership giving outreach.
About the presenters
Stephen Sullivan, Director, Leadership Annual Giving and Special Projects, Baylor University
Stephen has served Baylor University since 2017 as a leader in annual giving. During his time at the University he has helped innovate and grow the reach of Baylor's engagement with new channels and programs. Before joining the Baylor team, Stephen served in several alumni relations and enrollment leadership roles at his alma mater, Howard Payne University. Dedicated to serving his community, Stephen is also the volunteer deputy fire chief of Robinson, TX.
Kathleen Howley, Director, Client Success, RNL
Kathleen provides strategic leadership for RNL platform partners, maximizing their success with RNL Engage, ScaleFunder, and Quadwrangle, including digital engagement centers, and omnichannel communications across phone, texting, and video messaging. Prior to joining RNL, Kathleen served as an annual giving leader at Loyola University Chicago. Before that, she served in prospect management, alumni engagement, and annual giving roles at the University of Central Florida.

Sean Shaikun, Vice President and Senior Consultant, Fundraising, RNL
Sean Shaikun is a fundraising veteran with two decades of experience who has helped propel the success of RNL partners since 2000. He’s worked with hundreds of institutions to stay ahead of new donor behavior patterns and leverage RNL’s technology for the maximum return. Sean now drives development and advancement as a primary architect of our partner solutions such as RNL Engage.

Sarah Glitsch, Associate Vice President, RNL
Sarah provides senior, strategic leadership for RNL platform partners, maximizing their success with RNL Engage, ScaleFunder, and Quadwrangle. This includes digital engagement centers and omnichannel communications across phone, texting, digital boost and video messaging. She helps RNL partners meet their engagement goals with high ROI, using best practices, benchmarks, and creative strategy to maximize the donor experience.
Sarah Patterson

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