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2023 Prospective Family Engagement Study
12,000 parents of prospective students share what to include in your enrollment strategy

Over the past four years, more than 24,000 families of prospective college students have participated in our survey. In 2023 alone, we surveyed over 12,000 families!
The results for 2023 are in, and they are exciting! Watch this session to learn how your team can leverage this information to create a state-of-the-art communication strategy to reach and engage prospective families.
Listen to learn how to:
  • Select the most effective communications channels and strike the perfect balance of frequency.
  • Tailor your messaging to exceed their expectations by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the information they are seeking.
  • Empower families by eliminating the obstacles that hinder their access to crucial college planning information.
About the presenters
Dave Becker, President and CEO, CampusESP
As SVP of Product Management at Ellucian, Dave was responsible for dozens of Higher Education solutions supporting 1,200 global customers. In his 18 years of experience in education technology, he's had the opportunity to visit and present at over 300 different colleges, campuses, and conferences around the world. He has a passion for innovative thinking, and leveraging technology for student and university outcomes.

Dr. Raquel Bermejo, Associate Vice President for Market Research, RNL
Dr. Raquel Bermejo analyzes existing research, inquiry, and conversion data in addition to conducting original research with college-seeking students and parents to understand the trends and student behaviors. Her research informs and enhances the services the company provides.

Featured guests
Patty Lemon, Dean of Admissions and Enrollment, Saint Martin's University
Patty also serves as admissions counselor for students and families from HI, American Samoa, and the Pacific Islands. As a first-generation college graduate, she is passionate about the support for underrepresented students and spends her time listening and learning from students and their families. As the Dean of Admissions and Enrollment, she has placed family involvement and outreach at the heart of the student's college journey at Saint Martin's, where students of all backgrounds and cultures are welcomed to explore both academia and their own personal journey of becoming.

Annamarie Tellez, M.Ed., University of Arizona
Annamarie helps ensure that all Wildcat families feel supported and welcomed into the Wildcat Community. She helps to facilitate programming and resources to all families, allowing family members to stay connected and involved in their student's academic journey. She serves in the division of Enrollment Management with the mission to ensure diverse and high-potential student's success at Arizona and beyond. She is continually striving to enhance the supporter experiences year after year with new ideas in collaboration with her peers across campus. Annamarie has presented at regional and national conferences center around family communication and enhanced diverse programming for incoming families.

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