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Maximizing the Enrollment Impact of Your Media Spend:
Using Full-Funnel Attribution with RNL Envision

Student search patterns are in constant flux. Google, Apple, and others are constantly changing their algorithms in order to respond to those changing patterns. This is making the marketing of graduate and online programs more expensive than ever and creating big challenges:
  • How do you ensure that your digital marketing campaigns are using the right platform?
  • How do you measure the enrollment impact of every digital marketing dollar you spend?
  • How do they focus your marketing so that it generates enrollments instead of driving leads that do not progress through the funnel?
Watch this eye-opening session about how to take a full-funnel approach to marketing attribution using RNL Envision. You'll see how this approach ensures your marketing dollars are spent on the channels that will get results, how easy it can be to not only see what is working and what is not, and how to strategically redirect resources to the best channels. Finally, you will see how leveraging the best-in-class PowerBI data visualization tool makes interpreting your data (and using data to make decisions on your digital marketing campaigns) can be the best way to ensure that your marketing dollars result in enrolled students.

About the presenters
Bob Stewart, Vice President, Graduate and Online Partnerships, RNL
Bob Stewart is an enrollment management professional with 15 years of experience in higher education. He works with colleges and universities to optimize their recruitment efforts, assess the enrollment potential of academic programs, and achieve their enrollment goals more efficiently. Before coming to RNL, he was the senior vice president of enrollment at Jacksonville University. Prior to that position, he served at Spring Hill College in Alabama as vice president of admissions and financial aid. He began his higher education career at Stetson University, where he served as director of financial aid and director of admission.

Vaughn Shinkus, Vice President and Senior Consultant, RNL
Vaughn Shinkus brings more than 20 years of higher education experience to his work with RNL campus partners. His areas of expertise include social media, website development, content strategy, email communication, public relations, and marketing communications staffing and team leadership. He has led a variety of web and interactive marketing communications projects in his consulting work with RNL, including developing a data-driven strategy for maximizing the recruitment impact of academic websites across Arizona State University; providing user testing, information architecture, and search engine optimization insights for the redesign of the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University website; and deploying effective turn-key email campaigns at Frostburg State University and the National Student Leadership Conference.

Scott Jeffe, Vice President for Research - Graduate and Online, RNL
Over more than 20 years, Scott has worked with more than 300 institutions in 40+ states to apply market data to strategic decision making in relation to graduate, adult undergraduate, and online programs. At RNL, he oversees thought leadership and market insights in graduate and online education, as well as working directly with clients seeking to prioritize and position graduate and online programs. He is the principal researcher for RNL's 2022 Online Student Recruitment Report, the 2022 Online Program Marketing and Recruitment Practices report, the 2021 RNL Graduate Marketing and Recruitment Practices Report, the 2021 RNL Graduate Student Recruitment Report, dozens of RNL blogs and articles, and most recently was the co-author of a graduate and online chapter in RNL's Strategic Enrollment Planning: A Dynamic Collaboration, 3rd Edition.
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