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Planning for Success:
Integration, Preparation, and CRM Optimization

In response to hearing of Philadelphia's fire prevention plans in the 1700s, Benjamin Franklin sagely noted that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." His council could not have foreseen the technosphere we live in today, but the principle remains truer than ever.
Watch this webinar to learn how the strategic value of your CRM increases dramatically when it’s set up well and optimized. We discuss:
  • What to consider when integrating the records from different list vendors
  • How to set up the rules by which you build your stakeholder populations so they are consistently structured across your CRM
  • How segmenting populations through predictive model scoring will personalize messaging to different stages of the stakeholder journey
  • How to program organizational records to track feeder schools and applicant success rates so relationships are maintained across time
  • How to ensure the CRM will track engagement rates with interaction codes so your Admissions team knows which students are responding and where to invest resources
  • How to audit your data to make sure your CRM is well integrated with other campus platforms
About the presenters
Robert Tallerico, Vice President, CRM Consulting, RNL
Robert is a CRM expert who helps RNL partners to optimize the effectiveness of their enrollment solutions, integrating RNL solutions, and managing multi-channel outreach to maximize return on investment. With significant experience in the ever-changing world of CRMs and enrollment technology, Robert brings knowledge, creativity, and a collaborative attitude to his leadership role at RNL.

Dani Rollins, EdD, Vice President and Senior Consultant, RNL
Dr. Dani Rollins brings a depth of experience and transformational leadership practices from a variety of institutions to bear on her work with RNL. Dani has been an enrollment management professional for over 20 years and has worked in both the public and private educational sectors, with extensive experience in recruitment, admissions processing, data analysis, marketing, and management for traditional undergraduates, graduate, and online students.

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